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Dellas in China

Dellas's international vocation is confirmed by the creation of a company in the country that is the king of the Asian Tigers. Dellas Diamond Tools Suzhou is now open in China, with the purpose of selling strictly made-in-Italy marble and granite processing tools, all the while providing its Chinese clients with the highly qualified technical assistance which has always been a high point of this company, founded in 1973 in Lugo di Grezzana by Isidoro Ferrari and currently managed by his two children, Daniele and Elisa.

All products, including diamond blades and all other products that have characterized Dellas for almost forty years, will be manufactured in Italy, where the company constantly invests on research to ensure the best possible processing of any stone material. Nonetheless, opening a company in an area (the province of Jiangsu) famous for its high concentration of quarries is an additional service offered in the name of quality and professionalism. According to data supplied by the National Institute for International Commerce, other than by Chinese government agencies, in 2009 the extraction of marble slabs exceeded 25 million cubic meters. A type of production that has been growing steadily, with yearly increases of more than 10%, related to the fast economic growth of China and to the pressing request of marble, used as top-notch element in urban construction projects.

Such massive extraction activities may now count on high-level Italian technology in the field of products for the processing of stones, a sector in which Dellas has not only believed from the very beginning, but on which it has invested on a daily basis.

“The company's headquarters are located in the industrial park of Suzhou, in Jiangsu, and may also count on a branch in the province of Fujian in the future”, explains Daniele Ferrari, Dellas's CEO. “We expect to open two new assistance centers in Guandong and in the Beijing area next year, to ensure a concrete and operational presence but in particular to provide full coverage in the main areas of marble and granite working”.

This is Dellas's umpteenth challenge, yet another international presence to be added to the list of commercial structures in 29 countries, its wide network of retailers and its two branches in Ethiopia and Spain.

“According to our predictions”, continues Ferrari, “our company will reach its breakeven point as early as in its second year of operation. With suitable capitalization and the cash flow resulting from the in-loco management, we can sustain a suitable development process that will allow us to follow the transformation of the Chinese market from up close”.

Dellas Diamond Tools will sell a full range of products for stone processing, from diamond blades to diamond disks and wires, from polishing and calibration tools to instruments for numeric control machines, all strictly made in Italy and sent to China for assemblage and trading. This is possible because Dellas has been investing on research for 40 years, allowing it to offer high-level products that represent the made-in-Italy feature that makes it stand out in the international scenario.

“Of course all products will continue to be manufactured here; the production line is not going to be moved anywhere because it is our strongest point”, adds Dellas's CEO, “It includes the experience and the quality that we supply and guarantee to our clients, it is the very thing that has allowed us to successfully face the fierce local competition”. Its top product will be the diamond blade, the product that has made Dellas famous in Italy and worldwide. “From this point of view of company growth, our direct entrance in the Chinese market confirms the vitality of a company that has been able to maintain the concept of 'old style' and keep it side by side with the most sophisticated and advanced technology and with constant assistance to our customers”. A company that is now present also in China.



 通过在新兴国家创办公司,德拉斯的国际使命得以进一步的证实。德拉斯金刚石工具苏州有限公司创办的目的是营销意大利制造的加工大理石和花岗岩的精密产品,同时保证针对中国客户的服务质量和水平,传承由Isidoro Ferrari在1973年创建于Lugo di Grezzana,如今由其子女Daniele和 Elisa继承的企业的核心特征,即服务与质量。
<公司总部位于江苏苏州工业园,并且在福建省建有分公司>,如同德拉斯总裁先生Daniele Ferrari所述<明年计划开业另外两个服务中心分别在广东和北京,以确保公司分布和运作,尤其是在大理石和花岗石主要加工区域的覆盖率>。
<可以肯定的是产品将会继续在此制造,产品生产线将不会搬迁因为这是我们的核心竞争力>,德拉斯总裁强调说,<利用我们所拥有的经验以及品质尽心尽意的为客户提供最优质的服务,这是让我们在与当地同行的竞争中制胜的法宝>。我们的拳头产品是在意大利以及全球极为出名的金刚石锯片。<在高速增长期<直接>进入中国市场代表并验证了我们是一家非常有远见的企业,懂得如何保持不变原有“旧风格”,即结合最先进的技术紧跟客户需求>.现如今真正的进入了中国市场 。


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